Workshop by Judy

Most of you have known me as the Owner and a Reader for Spiritually Gifted Readers for close to 15 years.  
That was a wonderful time for me, sharing and meeting remarkable individuals that I watched grow.  

Many of you know that approximately 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with emphysema which I ignored at that
time.  Approximately 4 years ago, with my first ever hospitalization, the diagnosis was COPD !!

My children came from different parts of the Country to visit me and some were told they were sending me
home and could not help me should I ever come back in.  Two months later I was re-admitted.

At that time,  I had some
serious life style patterns to change if I chose to still be here.  I could go home, get a
lazy boy or hospital bed and just vegetate until  "the end" or I could begin my own healing to survive for many,
many years !!

As most of you know, I follow what is directed by Spirit and this has been in the works for some time now, I was
simply not ready. I am a very private person.  It is time now to share my experiences with those that perhaps
are having difficulty coping with this dreaded #3 cause of deaths in the US today !!  
 We can make a difference in how this journey is traveled.

1.        Diagnosis and how to cope with our dis-ease
2.        Acceptance
3.        Most Major concerns:

        a.    Doctors or practitioners

        b.    Resources

        c.    Net working

        d.    Medications

        e.    Self healing

        f.     Life style changes

        g.    Moving on

        h.    Smoking   (yes, I still do)

        i.    Family input

        j.    Stress levels

        k.    Exercise   

It is important that we understand what we are facing !!  How we are going to progress with this disease and
make the most of every breathing moment that is before us !!

We NEED to take ownership and responsibility in order to live life to the fullest !!

Please join me for this informative workshop.  There will be a question answer period as well.
(Check back or sign up for Email notification on next workshop date)

Make this unfortunate disease one that you can be positive and productive with !!!

Families of those suffering from C.O.P.D. are welcome.
Learn some of the techniques that may assist a loved one to a more productive life style.

This will be limited
enrollment in order to have time for each one attending to do the question and answers.

Looking forward to seeing you there and
to us all a better breathing tomorrow !


I am NOT a licensed medical professional and do not claim to be !  
This information is from research and personal experiences associated with my illness.  

I do NOT
and will NOT offer ANY MEDICAL ADVISE !